Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Bee Blocks

There were just a few Bee Blocks for May, and all for the Orange You Glad Bee. It was funny and fun that both ladies chose wonky, improvisational blocks.  

For Hive A, we made Improv Chevron Blocks for Jacqueline.  The tutorial can be found at Six White Horses Blog.  I did a couple angel blocks as well, so I ended up making three of these.  I really like how the block looks, and love the citrusy hues of the fabrics.  I did a marathon sewing session to put these blocks together.  When I went to sleep that night I actually had a nightmare about making them.  In my dream none of the strips were long enough and I was panicking!

For Orange You Glad Hive B, we made Wonky Coin Blocks for Shawn.  She'll be making thick quilted curtains for a large window. Shawn lives in a place where it is very cold and snowy in the winter.  Here is a link to her blog and her tutorial.

That's it for May!
Excited about June blocks, I've had a peek at most of them and they are going to be lots of fun!

Happy Stitching!


Anita said...

Lovely! =)

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Both sets turned out great!!!

Tiffany said...

You really are an angel!!

I have to work on the chevron block tonight, it has scared me - I am getting more hesitant in my quilting, I want to do well for others!

sunny said...

I'm not real big on bright colors, but I LOVE those chevron blocks.

Nicky said...

I think I need to find an orange bee! These are gorgeous !