Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lost Quilt

A LONG time ago DEAR FRIEND and I went to a quilt shop in Germany.  We both bought batiks that day, for the first time.  I remember how excited I was by the fabrics.  I totally fell in love with this floral, and searched for something to go with it, and settled on the leafy green print.

I took that fabric home to England, and went to work on a quilt that I found in a magazine.  Well, frustration soon set in.  The magazine instructions were just plain WRONG!   In my haste, I hadn't made a test block, so the problem was not discovered until after all my pieces were cut out.  So, use of the seam ripper ensued, and all kinds of things had to be re-cut to make the pattern work.  I was working on this quilt top is when we moved.  It wasn't quite finished, but it was close.

Moving is always so much FUN!!  And the FUN increases dramatically when you are moving across an ocean.  (At least this time the movers and I spoke the same language, which hasn't always been the case).  Getting ready for the movers is always a chore, clean out, sort out, pack some stuff yourself, make piles of 'like items' for the movers to pack and on and on.  Movers often do really strange things.  One day I'll have to do a post about moving horror stories.  I've got some good ones!  We've moved 14 times!  Anyway, sometimes those piles for the movers don't end up packed like you might expect them to be.  It was a strange move all the way around.  The movers actually opened up bags of new quilt batting and tore it apart and used it for packing!  Oh!!! I was ANGRY when I saw that!  I kept wondering what cruel thing they had done with my little quilt top because I couldn't find it anywhere!

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I got into a plastic storage container that is full of completed tops waiting to be quilted.  (yes, isn't that awful?  That container is pretty full!)  I was looking for a top I'd been thinking of finishing up.  When I unfolded the top to have a look at it, there folded in the center was the missing batik quilt top, and the backing fabric!  I was so shocked!  I'd been in that container before, but had never unfolded the quilt tops.

I had remembered the top was close to being finished.  Yes, it really was!  Just one block left to sew.  Sew I did!  Then this week I added the borders.  Guess what?? That stupid bad magazine pattern struck again!  The outer borders were too short and I had to piece them.  But, the top is complete!  
I still need to fix up the backing and cut some binding.

I do remember how excited I was when I got this fabric.  Now, 4 years later. . . Excited?? Not so much.  In fact, I'm not sure I even like it at all!  
I'm considering naming this quilt "EYE BURNER"!!

This is the backing fabric:


Aimee said...

I think it is quite lovely. If you do some kind of fun quilting, you could easily call the back the front...the quilting would add a new level of interest to it and if you use the right color will blend on the front, but pop on the back. This is the quilt I thought it was! We have certainly spent a lot of hours talking quilts! Ahhhhhh, good stuff. I have a quilt with that pink floral batik. I bought mine in Temple, Texas, though. How funny.

Chris said...

I made a small quilt for a class and let the sales lady push me out of my comfort zone when selecting the fabrics. When it was done, I thought it was hideous. But so other people liked it. So its bright colors liven up my living room in the hot summer months. I think yours could do the same. :)

Paula and Mel said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog and what a delightful blog it is! Your quilts are beautiful!
I am a new quilter. Started last fall. Learning a lot form the blogs I read. I do not have a blog at this time but I am thinking about one.
Keep up the great work.
Oh, where are you?
Paula (Wisconsin)