Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meet SPOT!

Here's my new favorite pet-- Meet SPOT!
SPOT is 60 X 70 inches and made up of 10 inch 9 patch blocks. 
The fabrics are almost all from Riley Blake.

And a few SPOTty close ups!

I love Spot!  I am so tickled with this one that I just can't stop smiling!
It's headed off to the quilter today!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ALYOF--April Goal is Met!

The Swoon quilt top is finished!  I finished it up last week.
And yes, I know the photos are pretty awful, but this was the best of the bunch taken over a 2 day period.  Seems like whenever I want to take photos we have heavy cloud cover, plus I just don't have a spot in the house to get a decent photo of a quilt that is this large.  

Here's the last three blocks. Again, apologies for the poor photos.

This is the block that spoils the quilt for me.  I should have followed my gut feeling that there wasn't enough contrast, but I didn't have any more fabric and didn't want to stop the project to buy more and wait for it to arrive, so I pressed on.  As you can see, the star disappears into the background.

Here's the quilt top up on the design wall.  Again, you can see the one block just fades into the background.  Should have taken the time to smooth it out better because that bottom right corner looks oddly saggy and wrinkly, but it really is a nice smooth square quilt.  The fact that I had a cat who was trying desperately to get under the quilt top as I was putting it on the wall could have been a factor!  =)  That Murphy thinks every quilt is his!

From a technical standpoint, this quilt went together very well.  All the sashing and border pieces went on with nary a tug since all the units were pretty much spot on for size.  However, I really struggled with Quilter's OCD on this one.  I spent ages debating taking it apart, buying more fabric, making another block and putting it back together.  Sometimes I don't seem to know when to stop, call it a learning experience and move on.  This time I am listening to my friends and family members who said enough is enough!  Thanks, gang!  I appreciate it, because this top very nearly went into the trash.

So, there we go!  Swoon top is finished, and I'll send it out for quilting this week.
While I didn't exactly enjoy making this quilt, I still do love the pattern and might make another one day.  And if I do, you know I'll listen to that little voice inside my head when it tells me I don't have enough contrast!

Hope you are having a wonderful day and sewing something you really love!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sometimes Simple is The Best

Sometimes simple and classic is the way to go. 

 I've spent a few days making these little sweeties, and each spot brings joy to my heart!  

Very very soon, this is going to be one of the cutest quilt tops you have ever seen!