Thursday, October 23, 2014

City Samplering

Recently my Daughter and I spent a day together working on City Sampler Blocks.  On this particular day she sewed her blocks, and I pressed seams for her and trimmed HST's when needed. In between these little tasks I pulled out all of our blocks, pressed them and took photos.  We have a lot of blocks we made over the summer that never were photographed. Today I'd like to show you a few of them. These blocks are for my quilt.  I'll show you some of my Daughter's blocks on another day.  Her quilt is all solids and will be really fantastic. 
The pattern encourages each person to name her own blocks.  It's kind of a fun idea, isn't it? 


#24--Step It Out

#25--Broken Rings

#26 -- July


#28--Jupiter's Spot


My prints are primarily from several collections by Kaffe Fasset and many solids from my stash. 

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pincushion Swapping

I love them!
How about you?

Recently I participated in a great little pincushion side swap with my MQTS* flickr group. 
These little swaps are so much fun!  This round I was assigned Kristin as my partner.  She's a lovely young woman and very talented quilter.  Kristin and I traded a few emails and I spent a lot of time exploring her flickr stream and her flickr favorites trying to get a sense of what kind of pincushion she'd like.  Three things really stuck with me as I was thinking and planning.  I knew from the very beginning I wanted to include Kristin's initial on whatever I ended up making.  K is such a fun letter!  Kristin mentioned she was longing for Autumn and tired of summer, and many of her favorite photos of flickr featured items make with Liberty of London prints and linen.  I showed Kristin a couple fabric choices and she chose these yummy  Liberty prints.  She specifically mentioned she especially liked that second print from the bottom.

My Liberty prints are from a brick swap (5 x 10) I participated in a couple years ago, so the pieces I have to work with are rather small.  Since she liked the one floral print so much, I decided to feature it and not cut it up small bits.  A Mug Rug seemed like a  good choice and would be a nice little extra for the package. It's about 6.5 inches square. 

The mug rug just used half of my pretty little print, so a little needle book seemed like a good way to use the rest of the piece.  The K is embroidered with DMC perle cotton on Essex Linen.  

Here's the entire cover with the rest of the floral on the back. 

The inside cover has a little pocket where a package of needles or a needle threaded could be tucked in. 

Finally, here's the pincushion--another hand embroidered K surrounded by hexies. Kristin said she'd like a practical pincushion with no buttons.  This one is nice and chunky!  It's nearly 5 inches square and 1.75 inches deep.  

Each side of the pincushion has a different print. 

The back was pieced with all the leftover bits from the hexagons.

Here's the group shot!

A few little extra goodies went into the package. There's a package of Hiroshima Embroidery needles, my favorite super fine pins, a couple more K's, and that funny little key ring.  That little red spool is actually a flashlight! 

Now while I was making these little things for Kristin, she was making something very special for me.  Our packages crossed in the mail and actually arrived on the same day!
Here's my wonderful new pincushion!  It's made from a rainbow of beautiful Liberty prints and linen.  Yep, our swap ended up with a little theme all it's own!  This is a big pincushion- it's about 10 x 4.  Kristin mentioned it turned out a bit bigger than she expected.

I told Kristin that is was just perfect!  I've wanted a long narrow pincushion to fit right here on the long bed of my SSO machine. I must admit, I am not sure I can stab that pretty Liberty rainbow with pins.  I think I'll be jabbing the linen instead.  =)  

Kristin shared a bunch of her precious Liberty charms with me!  These are the Tanna Lawns.  The prints are so pretty and the fabric is so so so soft.  I'm just thrilled to bits.  
Now do you see that great box?  It's hiding a lovely bar of premium dark chocolate.  That box is so much fun I'll be pinning it on my bulletin board where I can enjoy it long after the chocolate is gone.  I feel so touched by the wonderful gift Kristin made for me, as well as the thoughtful extras. 

Hope you are finding a little time to play with pretty fabrics, too!


 *MQTS=Mini Quilt Trading Swap

Friday, October 3, 2014

Meet "SPOT"-- A Fabulous Friday Finish

Happy Friday!
I'd like to show you a happy, happy finish today.
You might need to don your sunglasses's a little bit ........ Bright!

"SPOT" 62 x 72 inches.
SPOT was created on a whim.  My beautiful daughter gave me a couple little fat quarter bundles of polka dot fabric for Christmas a couple years ago.  I knew I wanted to do something special with it, but never could make a decision on a design.   Nothing I considered seemed right or good enough for these fabulous dots. One day it finally hit me--big 9 Patch Blocks -- so SIMPLE and it would let the fabric SHINE!   I spent a little time doing math, determining the best way to use up virtually every bit of my fat quarters.  I did have to hunt up a couple more prints, so my daughter and I hit the quilt shops. Then there was a couple of afternoons sewing sewing sewing and TA DA: I had SPOT!  

close up of the quilting.
 Spot went off to the long arm quilter and came back with marvelous wavy lines criss crossing each block and the entire quilt.  
Guess we could say X Marks the Spot?  
Yeah, I hear you groaning, but it is was good pun, right?  
That's why you are groaning??  Right?  

SPOT's Spotty backing
Spot is backed with another dot print, this time giant sized.  I love this fabric so much, and it's my favorite bright green.  The binding is an uneven stripe in black and white.  

I'm in LOVE with SPOT!  SPOT is staying at my house and is going to live with me forever!  I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures so SPOT and I can cuddle up and read books together.  I think SPOT will be the perfect winter companion, don't you?  

Thank you, thank you, dear Daughter for those spotty fat quarters!