Friday, July 29, 2016


Hi Friends--
Nope, haven't stopped stitching, haven't stopped blogging, mostly I've just stopped moving around more than absolutely necessary.

My back and I had a difference of opinion.  I told my back to move a certain way and my back said "NOPE!  Not doing that!",  as it spasmed up something fierce.  Seriously though, I think my back was just being contrary.  All I was trying to do was put on a sweater because I was feeling chilly in an over air conditioned room.  No headstands or cartwheels were involved! Just a quick twisting motion to settle the sweater in place and BAM!  Agony!

So right now I'm spending most of my time in bed or taking slow hunched over walks around my house before I go back to bed.  Sitting is very painful right now and I'm not doing much of it.  
I do feel better than I did, so I'm counting that as a reason to rejoice!  
I think I'll take an extra lap around the house to celebrate! ; )

Hope to be back soon!  I did a whole bunch of sewing I haven't gotten to show you yet!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

2013/2016 BOM: The Flower Row

My 2013/2016 BOM was set aside with all the summer activity, but I was eager to pull it out and get the last row of blocks assembled!  The flower blocks are the final row of this mystery quilt, although they don't really seem very flowery to me.  Hubby walked in to see them on the design wall and said, "Oh, this is the X block row."  When I told him, "No, these are flower blocks." he looked really puzzled! Can't say I blame him, it takes a bit of imagination to see flowers.

This one seems most flower-like to me. 

Fun 9 patch in the center of this one. 

This one shall be known as Seam Ripper Blossom.
I cut every single rectangle wrong and didn't catch it until I was trying to get the block assembled.  

All the Sampler Blocks for the 2013 Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt

 So excited to finally have all these blocks assembled.  I loved putting them up on the wall and seeing the whole group together at last.  The finishing kit for this quilt is rather involved. The sashing is strip pieced, the inner border is made up of many, many flying geese and the cornerstones are 9 patches.  I'll be setting this aside for a bit while I catch up on a few other projects, although I am longing to see this top in one piece! 
Pattern for finishing the quilt top.

Happy Happy Stitching!

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Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 Finish A Long: 3rd Quarter Goals

FAL 2016

For this 3rd Quarter of the year, I'm determined to keep my FAL list reasonable!   I'm dropping a few items off entirely during this quarter because I know my sewing time will be more limited in the next few weeks.  The items I've moved off will come back next quarter.

1. & 2. The Canasta Quilts.
Half of the blocks have been made.  Time to get the other half done!

3.  Flannel Strip Quilt
This is going to be so cuddly!

4.  Blue Underground
This is a kit I've had for a while.  The batiks are gorgeous!

5.  Made By Hand Mini
Here I am basting the linen background to lightweight cotton batting in preparation for embroidery and applique.

6.  Improv Trees
This project will be pure fun!

Here's the scary part!  
Right now I have a HUGE stack of quilts that need binding.  I doubt I'll get all of them bound, but will be leaving them on the FAL list until I can get to them. 

7.  Round and Round--ALMOST finished!  On the last side.

8.  Allie Owl
Allie is STILL at the quilter, but should come back during this quarter.

9.  Bluebelle Constellation
This has been waiting a while.  The quilter did beautiful work on it!

10.  Spidey
Spidey just came home from the quilter and it is so darn cute!!

11.  Sparky
Sparky has been waiting for binding for a long,  long time--June 2015.

12.  Spicy
Spicy has been waiting for binding since October 2015.

13.  Sparkle Punch
This project wasn't included in my previous FAL goals, but I'm adding it to the binding list.  It came back from the quilter a few weeks ago.

14.  Sunset Cabins
It's at the quilter right now, and should be home before the month is out!

And just for giggles, I decided to add up the inches for all that binding for the 8 quilts at the end of the list.  The binding on the first 6 projects hasn't been included.

Realistically, I KNOW I can't get through that many inches in 12 weeks.  Wonder how far I will get??
Guess we'll know the answer on September 1st!

Wish me Luck & Sewing Time!

PS.  Weirdness with Blogger going on, I can't get this post formatted properly...... ; (