Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 2015 Bee Blocks

My sweet little Flickr bee is up and running for our 2015 round!  It's nice to see all the bee girls back together again, plus we have some new friends for this round.  Coast to Coast Quilters is in it's second year, but I hosted 2 bees previously, and the core group of Coast to Coast Quilters have been stitching together since the very beginning.  Our Bee always takes December off, so for January we have two Queen Bees. 

We made these 9 patch variation blocks for Sally. Aren't they fun?  Fast, too!  Great way to use up all those scraps we are hoarding, right? (tutorial HERE) I made 6 units for Sally.  She asked us to leave them separate so she has more options for her final arrangement.

We made Chunky Churn Dash Blocks for Aimee, in two sizes, but both blocks will finish at 10 inches.

Aren't those 5 inch baby churn dash blocks the cutest things?  I'm really curious about her final layout.  She asked two of us to just sew the baby blocks in pairs instead of putting all four together in one block. 

Next month it's my turn & it's exciting!! Decided on my pattern just about a year ago, and have been collecting fabrics for nearly that long. The last couple weeks I've been busy slicing it up so it can go in the squishy envelopes.  I'll give you a peek once I get my sample blocks put togther. 

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

City Sampler Blocks #92-100!!

Wow!  Is your January flying by?  Mine sure is!  
Here's the last of the City Sampler blocks.  They have been finished for a couple weeks, but I haven't had time to go through the photos until this morning.  I've got deadline sewing for a mini quilt swap going on right now, hence the quiet blog and my very disordered mind!! 
These blocks are finished!  Finished finished finished!  Yipeeeeeee!!!
I spent the 5th of January smiling when #100 came out from under the presser foot!  City Sampler Blocks COMPLETE!!

#92 Broken Blinds

#93 Whoopsie Ooopsie!  
When I was taking the photos I realized this one is put together incorrectly, but I like it, so it stays!

#94 Souvenir from My Vacation

#95 Reverse 

#96 Lime Soda Sea

#97 Wagashi (If you don't know this word, do a Google IMAGE search!)

#98 Four Eyes

#99 Wonky Intersection

#100 Flower at The END!!

I'm so eager to get going on my next long term project with my daughter next month! Hope things slow down just a little so I can show that to you soon!

Happy happy happy stitching!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fabulous Friday Finish: Sewing Machine Covers!

Here's a couple more 2014 Finishes.  
Sewing Machine Mats and Covers were made for two of my very favorite friends. 
This one was made up of lots of prints with blues and greens.  I really enjoyed selecting the prints, they are so cheerful. Both items are slightly adapted from patterns Lori Holt's adorable book, Quilty Fun.  The mat is made up of many many many hour glass units.  The little spools were a lot of fun to piece. 

This one was made for another sweet friend.  The poodle design was taken off her business card and enlarged. The poodle is embroidered, and the fuzzy bumpy nose made up of colonial knots.  A small plain mat was made to match, but it seems I never took a photo; that's okay, it wasn't interesting to look at anyway! My friend's machine lives in a cabinet, so the mat is down inside and not visible.  It's just there to help cut the vibration and noise when the machine is operating.

Sewing Machine Covers are a lot of fun to make. The really hard part is deciding on a design because the possibilites are endless, and that can really make your head spin!

Happy Sewing!