Monday, July 10, 2017

Building Blocks: Our New Plan

After abandoning the original Modern Building Blocks pattern, DAUGHTER and I decided to play around with half-square triangles.  Right now we are making blocks that use only HST's.  Since we are keeping the layout of the original pattern we started with the largest blocks.  

First up are the two 36 inch blocks.  
My block.  Wishing I'd have bought more of that flower print in the center... oh well!

DAUGHTER's block. 
DAUGHTER says this one is a little bit 'Eye of Sauron', but she likes it anyway. 

My block.

DAUGHTER'S block. 

We need just one 30 inch block. 
Here's mine.  Isn't it interesting how different this blocks looks with the different backgrounds?

Here's DAUGHTER's. 

And we have one 24 inch block. 
My block. My favorite one so far. 

 DAUGHTER's block.  

Making these giant blocks was a fun adventure!  
Hope you are having quilting adventures, too!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 FAL Project: Time to BUILD?

Last summer my beautiful Daughter and I chose the Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt for our big project to work on together.  We began in August.

As soon as we chose this project I knew what fabric I'd use for it.   Mama Said Sew! by Sweetwater. When it came out I bought half yards of my favorite prints with no particular project in mind and this was a great opportunity to finally cut into them.

A funny thing happened though, when Daughter and I got together.  We discovered we'd chosen the same color scheme: Red, Black, Grey and White/Cream.  While we might be sharing the same color scheme my prints are very small, sweet and traditional, but her prints are amazing!  Wild, contemporary, full of movement and often large in scale. We'll have very different quilts.

Here are the blocks we made last summer.
The little blocks are 6 inches square and the larger blocks are 12 inches square.
This is DAUGHTER's batch.

These are my blocks.

We were excited to get this one going, but it didn't take long for us to decide that we really truly and completely loathe this pattern.  While I've quilted long enough that I don't usually need much in the way of instruction to assemble a quilt block, I don't care for this method of block assembly.  All those bias edge triangles don't make me very happy and there's no wiggle room, no trimming hst's down to size, and measurements for the separate units that go into each block.  I always like being able to check as I go along to make sure things are going together correctly.  Plus this pattern has an awful lot of errors, which are so frustrating.  We ended up setting this project aside.

This summer we decided it was time to revisit this project.  Tomorrow I'll show you what we've decided to do to salvage it.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 FAL 3rd Quarter List


Summer = BUSY!  But not with quilting things.  
My 3rd Quarter list will look pretty much like my 2nd Quarter list since I only finished 4 projects. 

Here goes!

1.  Cat Quilt: A UFO.  This quilt top needs to be turned into a quilt.

2.  Baby Roundhouse: A UFO.  Another top that needs to be turned into a quilt.

3.  City Sampler: A UFO.  All the blocks are finished, and during Q1 I cut all the sashing and borders, but got no further.  

4.  FQS Designer Mystery: An Ancient UFO!  I finished all the blocks last year but didn't get the top assembled.  Believe it or not, it was the idea of all the flying geese in the sashing that held me up.  Well, I am now the Queen of Flying Geese, so I have no more excuses!

5. Pineapple Farm: New Project. During Q1 I got all the fabric starched, but that was it!

6. Nerdy Cats: New Project.  

I'm only adding 2 new items.

7. Baby Quilt

8.  Building Blocks.  I'll tell you about this one tomorrow!

The rest are quilts that just need binding.

9. Christmas Goose.  

10. Remixed Geese.  

11.  Farmer's Wife.  

12. HST Overload

Happy Quilting!